Speed Literacy Program

Speed Literacy Program (SLP) is the flagship project of Vision21.

SLP has been designed to tackle massive illiteracy in Pakistan. Speed literacy program [slp] is a revolutionary program to teach the illiterate children how to read and write Urdu and English, and to educate to middle grade levels within a period of one year.

That is at the end of one year our children can read and write to class 6 to 8 levels.

The target of SLP is to literate 25 million illiterate children all over the country. After successful completion of our pilot project we started five new schools in areas of Ghareeb abad, Shadman Colony, Gulzar e Quaid and Scheme 3. In these groups we teach children free of cost. In fact to encourage and engage poor children we give stipend depending upon their performance and attendance. We enroll children of age 9 years plus and take 3 hours a day from their lives for changing their lives.

We do not follow typical pattern.  We teach them a unique phonics based method. We make them recognize the letters with their sounds and then recognize and sound out the words, both shape and sound so that these get embedded in their minds.

In one year these children obtain literacy skills equivalent to Primary grade.

With this unique program children can get out of the illiteracy trap and get back into education.  For example a student who is 12 years old does not need to study in class one. He or she will be able to literacy levels appropriate to their age and will then be able to continue education.

So we save these children having to go through years of education which is required for them to just catch up.

And all this is achieved within one year.


For more details about the program please visit the official website of SLP