Vote for Pakistan

Vote for Pakistan is a campaign initiated by Vision 21 with and explicit aim to strengthen and improve the democratic process in Pakistan and improve the electoral process as a method used by people to achieve their electoral will through awareness raising.


1. To help the voters make informed choices
2. To help the decision making process of the voters
3. To help voters reflect on the choices presented
4. To goad people to vote
5. To guide voters about how their choices will impact their lives
6. To convince people to vote for humanity, Pakistan and for themselves


Non partisan Pakistan centric  approach

Team Members

  1. Dr. Azhar Azlam
  2. Shaista Kazmi
  3. Shazma Mira
  4. Sanam Naz
  5. Humayun Raja
  6. Amber
  7. Sehrish Zareen
  8. Waqas Khan
  9. Abida Yar Gul
  10. Shazeb Khan


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