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Another face of Pakistan

Posted on December 5, 2012 by Sasha I had the chance to spend last week in Karachi for the final round selection for the inaugural class of Acumen’s new Pakistan Fellows program.  From more than 500 applicants from all corners of this country of 175 million people, we had winnowed the group down to just 40 finalists and had, in the course of a day, to select 20 people as our first Acumen Pakistan Fellows.  The program begins in early 2013. The images the world (and Americans in particular) sees of Pakistan are difficult ones.  Just yesterday a very troubling article came out in the New York Times about Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, where there have been increasing numbers of open attacks on members of the Hazara community.  The article suggests that the police and security forces are at best ambivalent about stemming the violence that has resulted in the deaths of 100 Hazaras this year alone.   This is one reality in Pakistan, and it is daunting to say the least. Last week I saw another story, perhaps a quieter …


April 12, 2014 Allah has made every human being different from the other this is evident when we see that human beings have finger prints and genetic formation. But these biological differences are not the only differences. People think differently, perceive differently, behave and act differently in similar situations. They have different interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Some are good in science, some are good in arts. Some are good in mathematics and some are good in philosophy. When it comes to medicine some people respond well to one type of treatment and some respond well to the other. Some recover faster from injuries, sickness or mental trauma and some recover slowly. All these things make one human being different from the other. Scientists might have different explanations for all these variations but one thing is for sure that these differences do exist.

A Role Model at SLP

by Shaista Kazmi March 21, 2014 She is 15 years old, the eldest sister of her 7 brothers, hailing originally from Mohmand Agency, probably the first one in her family to read and write. Abida is a role model for the girls of her age group and even for those elder than her due to her conviction and commitment to get education as her basic right and duty.

Speed Literacy Program wins at Antigua Forum

March 17, 2014 Entrepreneurs of Reform Gather at the Antigua Forum Templeton Report A small group meets at the 2013 Antigua Forum Azhar Aslam, a London-based plastic surgeon originally from Pakistan, developed a remarkable literacy program. He had proved it worked in small pilots of a few dozen children. In just six months, they gained the basics of reading and writing with a couple of hours of teaching each day.

16th Dec- The Black Day

16th Dec 2016 Students of SLP paid tribute to the martyrs of APS who were barbarically killed an year ago when they were in their school. The students made the promise on this day to be able to spread education and peace all around to end the tyranny and terrorism from the face of the world.