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Water Crisis

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE SOCIO- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN Introduction Our world is full of innumerable natural resources. While some of these have been discovered with their benefits identified, many still remain to be unearthed. However, of all the known natural resources to man, water undisputedly continues to stand out as the most important of all. This is because water is available almost everywhere around the globe in varying quantities. This fact makes it a key contributor in the sustenance of both, environment and human life. Moreover, it is not only the most distributed substance on earth but is usable in almost all its forms as well.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Jun 2010 After thoroughly suffering from the electricity shortage and being humiliated completely, reacting in a typical Pakistani way that is to analyse only after a crisis has set in rather than before, we decided to look into this matter at depth. To our utter surprise we found that while there were many articles passionately discussing various political issues around this matter, there was hardly any objective analysis in a dispassionate manner. Most crucially there is failure to understand this crisis in the broader terms of energy shortage.

Muslim Women & Property Rights

Abstract This paper examines the rights to the property accorded to the women in Islam under direct Qur’anic injunctions and compares it to the state of these rights in the present Muslim societies. It then argues that correct application of the Qur’anic law will not only materially improve the status of women in Muslim societies and guarantee them economic security, it will bring economic prosperity to such societies directly by exploiting the human capital of women population and indirectly by changing the means of socioeconomic milieu. In the first part of the study we shall briefly, set out the rights accorded by Qur’an and subsequent changing and slow weakening of these laws to the present period. We will also provide a brief comparative analysis of western women’s property rights and its role in relation to economic development. For the purpose of this study we shall divide the Muslim history into three broad periods. The period of the Prophet (PBUH) and first four caliphs; period when sharia law was codified and few centuries following that and present Muslim …