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Vote for Pakistan is a campaign initiated by Vision 21 with and explicit aim to strengthen and improve the democratic process in Pakistan and improve the electoral process as a method used by people to achieve their electoral will through awareness raising. Objectives 1. To help the voters make informed choices 2. To help the decision making process of the voters 3. To help voters reflect on the choices presented 4. To goad people to vote 5. To guide voters about how their choices will impact their lives 6. To convince people to vote for humanity, Pakistan and for themselves Policy Non partisan Pakistan centric  approach Team Members Dr. Azhar Azlam Shaista Kazmi Shazma Mira Sanam Naz Humayun Raja Amber Sehrish Zareen Waqas Khan Abida Yar Gul Shazeb Khan Like our Facebook Page to Get Latest Updates

FATA, Terrorism & Solutions

A seminar on FATA terrorism and its solutions was held by the Vision 21 Foundation in Marriott hotel on September 1, 2013. The seminar was attended by politicians from various parties including PTI and JUI-F, civil society representatives and analysts including ambassador Ayaz Wazir, Brig. Shah Mehmood and Brig. Said Nazir and media personalities such as Saleem Safi. Two FATA MNAs Mr. Qaisar Jamal and Mr. Shahryar Afridi also participated in the seminar. The seminar was opened by the director of Vision 21, Dr. Azhar Aslam, who explained that Vision 21 had taken the initiative to hold such a seminar on the behalf of civil society because of the lethargy and near in action of the present government, which has yet to announce a clear-cut policy direction of how to combat the menace of terrorism in the country. He further elaborated that Vision 21 had written a policy paper in this matter proposing a comprehensive solution for this problem. One of the fundamental solutions is to change the legal status of FATA and make it …

Flood Relief Efforts

The physical effects of the Floods 2010 are very obvious. According to the NDMA’s latest data on the flood damages, 1,985 people lost their lives in the floods that swept across the country. Around 1.7 million houses were damaged and 20.1 million people were affected. Out of the total 141 districts in the country, 78 are badly affected. A total of 12963 schools and 471 health facilities were destroyed besides the damage done to the agriculture sector. Houses, lands, crops, schools, hospitals and infrastructures have been destroyed. People have been left jobless and resourseless. Water borne diseases and other climatic related disorders have hit the victims badly. The floods have highlighted the needs of those hard hit areas, which were already underprivileged. It has also magnified the vulnerabilities of the disadvantaged groups, the daily wage earners, the bonded labours, the landless, the small peasants, the small businessman, the micro entrepreneur, the old and infirm, the women and the children. It has made prominent the misery of and the poor conditions in which the majority of …