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Bad Luck

March 15, 2015 Shaaista An accidental way in which things happen without planning is called luck. Or it is also been put as the circumstances that work for or against the individuals. A huge debate about the pre-determinism and human effort or free will also seek understanding of luck as a philosophy of life.

Who is responsible for Climate change

February 2, 2012 Mehwish Mushtaq Scientists who have been studying climate change/carbon footprint of entire nations claim that traditionally the richest, developed and industrialized nations are majorly responsible for affecting our world’s climate, and in the past more often than not the USA topped the list. With the shift of industrialization, now developing countries like China and India are also contributing a lot to environmental pollution and emitting green house gases which is not helping the situation at all, economic development takes priority over everything else.

Attack in Lahore – Qui Bono [who benefits]

  Mar 9, 2009 Azhar Aslam and Shaista Kazmi (Vision21) Pakistan is in a classic ‘cry wolf’ situation. Now that the wolf has come one risks shouting about it at the peril of being called paranoid, liar, crazy or conspiracy theorist. But this unfortunate ‘wolf cry’ of the ‘foreign hand’ may have given a room to maneuver and protection to the external players and handlers. Fourteen ( or twelve) gunmen attacked Sri Lankan cricket team and their guards in a coordinated, well planned attack and got away (until now). But fool may be the one who thinks this was a senseless attack with the aim of terrorising ordinary Lahorites. So let us just look at the facts and let everyone draw their own conclusion. The attack has raised many questions which are pertinent and of utmost relevance and must be answered in a forensic manner.

The Legacy of Mohammad ﷺ is more than a 12 day celebration

Shaaista Kazmi Every year Rabiul Awwal changes the way places look around me. The dark streets are decorates with sparkling lights. The dull outlook of the cities become colorful and the sounds of Naat and Salam are heard everywhere. Altogether it is a joyful environment and makes everyone who sees this feel good. Beneath the lantern of lights, in a car parking area in my street, there is a dog I see. This dog has been living in there for half a decade. The owner of the parking lot does not own the dog but has been enjoying its services to watch the cars when he sleeps relaxed in the night. The dog is badly sick for past many days. I asked the owner indirectly what he was going to do about the dog, he said when it dies he will throw him in the space where garbage is dumped. In the loud sounds of Naat they play daily in the evening, the cries and moaning of the dog become faint.

I am born human in the wrong place…

February 1, 2015 Shaaista He created me with differences among angles and Iblees. I was His new creation. I was neither purely good nor completely bad. I was given a choice to choose my side. I could reason, I could think, I could commit mistakes, I could ask for forgiveness. I was promised to be guided. I was born with the universal secrets hidden within me to be discovered. To attempt that I was given a LIFE.