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Balochistan- Problems & Solutions

By Azhar Aslam & Shaista Kazmi Balochistan history since the time of the formation of the country represents an unending narrative of the incessant conflicts unfortunately. The long standing resentments dating back to its merger with Pakistan have led to the present crisis in the province and the whole country.  This paper analyses the issues and factors, which gave rise to the conflicts which have continued to fester and periodically given rise to the revolts and insurgencies resulting into the present crisis, highlighting the recommendations for the urgent action in order to eradicate the root causes of the long standing conflict

Waziristan Strategy OR Pakistan Strategy -I

By Vision21 The battle in Waziristan is variously called “the mother of all battles”, war of ideas and the war for the meaning of Pakistan. Whatever one may call it, there is a little doubt that this is the most important battle Pakistan has ever been engaged in. we hereby present, in two parts, an analysis of how this battle became unavoidable and attempt to present a comprehensive strategy that is required for winning this war.

Rebuilding Pakistan

By Vision21 This piece of writing attempts to highlight the opportunity in the adversity created by the Flood disaster…. An opportunity for the floods to wash away the evils with it and an opportunity to rebuild Pakistan…a better Pakistan. Opportunity in Adversity The term “Disaster” is derived from Latin and is translated as “the stars are evil”. Disaster is an event that overwhelms local resources and threatens the function and safety of the community. It may be either natural or manmade or a combination of both, as is the case of Pakistan Floods 2010.