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What is Blasphemy?

Shaista Kazmi Blasphemy, in its literal meanings, is defined as a behavior or language expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred The issue of blasphemy, highlighted again by the recent banning of certain websites in Pakistan, has caught the attention of everyone again, through debates on media. I also read and heard different versions of thought on the issues of blasphemy. While due to the rapid transmission of the message throughout the country, and due to pressure generated by the perceived angry reaction( read road demonstrations resulting in injuries, burning , destruction and looting) of the people, authorities were keen to ban the sites within a few hours.

Pakistan: A Failure of Intellectuals

Azhar Aslam Every Identity has a history and so does that of Pakistan. It is short but tumultuous, although some say it was born with the conversion or settlement of the first Muslim in India. In truly modern sense though India was only itself born, when British firmly established their rule from Afghanistan to Burma, by 1890s. In the process of doing this however, they sowed the seed of national consciousness in the minds of Indians. British influence moulded Indian nationalism by omissions and commissions. However it inevitably also laid the seed of communalism, as different regions and nationalities in the sub continental melting pot, woke up to the British rule and demanded their rights.

Balochistan- Problems & Solutions

By Azhar Aslam & Shaista Kazmi Balochistan history since the time of the formation of the country represents an unending narrative of the incessant conflicts unfortunately. The long standing resentments dating back to its merger with Pakistan have led to the present crisis in the province and the whole country.  This paper analyses the issues and factors, which gave rise to the conflicts which have continued to fester and periodically given rise to the revolts and insurgencies resulting into the present crisis, highlighting the recommendations for the urgent action in order to eradicate the root causes of the long standing conflict

Human Rights and Blasphemy in Pakistan

December 10, 2010 Shaaista Today, Human Rights Day is being observed all around the world. Every year, on the 10th of December, this day is celebrated to acknowledge and honor, United Nations’ adoption of ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, sixty two years ago in 1948. The theme for commemoration is different every year. This year’s theme identifies the struggle and sacrifices of Human Rights activists around the world, who risk their lives to safeguard rights of the others, against violence, women abuse, child abuse, physical torture, religious and gender discrimination etc.

Not in God’s name…Not for Religion’s sake

Posted on January 8, 2011 Shaaista Kazmi Change and Freedom are the terms that dominate the socio political vocabulary in our times. Some may say that since the evolution of the human consciousness, these have been the most enchanting slogans. Either way, indisputably, these are considered to be the foundations of the process of progress and development for any society and any country. In fact this so well established and taken as granted, that we often forget and ignore why do we all want and crave for Change and fight for the Freedom? The answer to this question may vary in different times and spaces. But the fundamental answer remains the same. We want Change and Freedom for the betterment and well being of Humans and for peace among Humanity.

Waziristan Strategy OR Pakistan Strategy -I

By Vision21 The battle in Waziristan is variously called “the mother of all battles”, war of ideas and the war for the meaning of Pakistan. Whatever one may call it, there is a little doubt that this is the most important battle Pakistan has ever been engaged in. we hereby present, in two parts, an analysis of how this battle became unavoidable and attempt to present a comprehensive strategy that is required for winning this war.

Rebuilding Pakistan

By Vision21 This piece of writing attempts to highlight the opportunity in the adversity created by the Flood disaster…. An opportunity for the floods to wash away the evils with it and an opportunity to rebuild Pakistan…a better Pakistan. Opportunity in Adversity The term “Disaster” is derived from Latin and is translated as “the stars are evil”. Disaster is an event that overwhelms local resources and threatens the function and safety of the community. It may be either natural or manmade or a combination of both, as is the case of Pakistan Floods 2010.

Defining Pakistan-II

  Azhar Aslam This article is a continuation of the first part of Defining Pakistan. We laid out, in the first part, ‘the dream’ of Pakistan’s emergence as a nation symbolizing the human paradigm. We believe that the most fundamental essential for establishment of such system of state is a well laid out strategy of reforms, which we will extend here in this part.

IMF and the plight of Pakistani Nation

Azhar Aslam & Shermeen Bano Introduction Pakistan is a low income South Asian country that stands at the precipice of an economic crisis. Experts cite several reasons for the ongoing slow economic demise of the country. However, it is increased involvement of IMF in the economic matters of Pakistan that is viewed by many as a major contributor to our impending economic crisis.