Get Involved

If you want to help us in our activities there are more than one ways you can get involved and play you role in achieving the common goals.

If you want to write your views on any of the topics we are researchingor you want to have a forum to express how you think about the issues and problems of the society around you, or if you have the ideas for a better and positive change then join us and write to inspire

If you are busy but want to contribute to or support a cause then donate for a project

If you are a teacher and want to teach those who can not afford to go to schools Join our Speed Literacy Program

If you are a student but still want to work in your free time then join us as a volunteer 

Get intouch with us through our social network forums and help spread our message


Vision21’s Mission is to work for developing human capital. We see human capital development as an essential objective to work towards achieving our mission. In this respect, Vision21 offers paid internships to the fresh graduates and students motivated to share our vision and work with us to achieve the common goals. The objective of this program is to train the youth and provide them with a forum to exhibit their knowledge and skills and to act as a useful individual of the society.

Visit the ongoing activities and projects of Vision21 and let us know how you can get involved. Applications and proposals may be emailed at

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