Month: December 2015

Bad Luck

March 15, 2015 Shaaista An accidental way in which things happen without planning is called luck. Or it is also been put as the circumstances that work for or against the individuals. A huge debate about the pre-determinism and human effort or free will also seek understanding of luck as a philosophy of life.

Who is responsible for Climate change

February 2, 2012 Mehwish Mushtaq Scientists who have been studying climate change/carbon footprint of entire nations claim that traditionally the richest, developed and industrialized nations are majorly responsible for affecting our world’s climate, and in the past more often than not the USA topped the list. With the shift of industrialization, now developing countries like China and India are also contributing a lot to environmental pollution and emitting green house gases which is not helping the situation at all, economic development takes priority over everything else.


April 12, 2014 Allah has made every human being different from the other this is evident when we see that human beings have finger prints and genetic formation. But these biological differences are not the only differences. People think differently, perceive differently, behave and act differently in similar situations. They have different interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Some are good in science, some are good in arts. Some are good in mathematics and some are good in philosophy. When it comes to medicine some people respond well to one type of treatment and some respond well to the other. Some recover faster from injuries, sickness or mental trauma and some recover slowly. All these things make one human being different from the other. Scientists might have different explanations for all these variations but one thing is for sure that these differences do exist.

Attack in Lahore – Qui Bono [who benefits]

  Mar 9, 2009 Azhar Aslam and Shaista Kazmi (Vision21) Pakistan is in a classic ‘cry wolf’ situation. Now that the wolf has come one risks shouting about it at the peril of being called paranoid, liar, crazy or conspiracy theorist. But this unfortunate ‘wolf cry’ of the ‘foreign hand’ may have given a room to maneuver and protection to the external players and handlers. Fourteen ( or twelve) gunmen attacked Sri Lankan cricket team and their guards in a coordinated, well planned attack and got away (until now). But fool may be the one who thinks this was a senseless attack with the aim of terrorising ordinary Lahorites. So let us just look at the facts and let everyone draw their own conclusion. The attack has raised many questions which are pertinent and of utmost relevance and must be answered in a forensic manner.

A Role Model at SLP

by Shaista Kazmi March 21, 2014 She is 15 years old, the eldest sister of her 7 brothers, hailing originally from Mohmand Agency, probably the first one in her family to read and write. Abida is a role model for the girls of her age group and even for those elder than her due to her conviction and commitment to get education as her basic right and duty.

Water Crisis

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE SOCIO- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF PAKISTAN Introduction Our world is full of innumerable natural resources. While some of these have been discovered with their benefits identified, many still remain to be unearthed. However, of all the known natural resources to man, water undisputedly continues to stand out as the most important of all. This is because water is available almost everywhere around the globe in varying quantities. This fact makes it a key contributor in the sustenance of both, environment and human life. Moreover, it is not only the most distributed substance on earth but is usable in almost all its forms as well.